All About MatchUup

Born out of a denied request to a department and a love of truly connected data.

MatchUup: The Purpose

MatchUup is connected application for university and college faculty and staff that allow them to find others around the school that share the same interests and skill sets with the purpose of allowing them to connect, meet up, and share their knowledge and experience.

MatchUup allows a faculty or staff member to use their current school login to pull their current information, include their own personal contact information, and add their professional skills and interests. MatchUup then finds others with the same interests and skills to suggest to the user so they can find more people on campus that shares their profession talents.

Once the user finds another professional, they can request a lunch or coffee meet up where they can start to share information, teach, learn, and grow as a professional. Once the request is sent, the other staff member is notified and can either accept or deny the request.

With the belief that sharing information and skills can make an employee smarter, which can serve to make them a stronger asset to the school, MatchUup was created to start connecting college professionals together through one on one meet ups, groups , and projects.

In short, when you connect all the faculty and staff of a university or college, the possibilities of new professional relationships, ideas, cross training and skill building, and new innovations are endless.


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