Creating Connections for Awesomeness

Bring people together to share information, learn new skills, or create something that will change the world.

MatchUup: Connecting People

MatchUup was created to allow faculty and staff of your school to start discovering people around campus that share the same skills and interests so they can set up meet ups and start to share the newest developments in their industries. Whether the goal is for people to strengthen their current core of skills or to learn new skills from others, MatchUup makes its easy for people to find others and send invites to meet up for lunch or coffee.

The process is simple. When a member signs up, they can add their current set of skills, and interests they have, and the system starts to search others in the network to match one or more of their skills and interests to suggest to them. A member can also search the system for a topic (interest or skill) and allow the system to present people.

MatchUup: Connected Groups

In addition to individual connections and meet ups, MatchUup allows members to create public and private groups and start to get others, with the same interests, to join and share information.

Groups allow member to post topics for their other members to discuss and create group meetups based on a topic they wish to discuss.

MatchUup: Multidisciplinary Projects

A unique feature of MatchUup is the ability for members to create projects and find others in the school to join the project and contribute based on their individual skills.

The project owner can either create a public project and get their MatchUup community to join in and contribute or create a private project where they can find and invite faculty and staff to participate.

MatchUup allows your community to create and connect in multiple ways to meet, share, and create new and amazing things.


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