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MatchUup can be used to create new offerings for Colleges

School Directories by Skills, Not Just Names

College and Universities have a lot of faculty and staff and a lot of departments. With that there are a lot of people who perform a similar, if not same, function. Researchers, communicators, web name it, there are probably more than one on campus. But, let's say, one of those faculty or staff needs help with something directly related to their job functionality and they want to look around the school for someone else.

One thing most colleges and universities do not seem to have is a active directory of employees by job title or job functionality. You can find a person by their name, username, or email address, but doesn't seem as easy to look for someone who is a PHP Developer, or a Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, or Department Communicator. MatchUup creates an instant directory of faculty and staff that others can use to find people in their job function or speciality to use to consult with or meet up with to discuss trends.

School Wide Groups and Training

MatchUup includes a groups feature that allows faculty and staff to create groups on broad and narrow subjects and connects them to potential members based on their skills and interests.

Outside of large university groups, MatchUup create a directory of a directory of more specialized groups to help faculty and staff to connect with others that share their same interests. They can create a group, open or private, and create a group meet ups that include training topics or discussions.

Departments might have the need for a specialized skill set for a short term. Whether it is to help solve a issue, help training staff, or help with a project or transition. MatchUup allows for department heads and administrators to locate talent within the school to help, possibly saving time and money from outsourcing consultants when the talent is just around campus.

Filling Committee's Faster

During special occasions schools can create committees for event or activities. Finding people that can fill key rolls can be a challenge due to the sheer size of the school or or the number of faculty and staff available. MatchUup allows administrators to see a larger population of the faculty and staff to be able to fill key rolls for the committee. They can simply create a private group, add the needed skills or interests, and MatchUup will start suggesting potential members.

MatchUup allows for the creation of private and invite only groups that school officials can use to create long term or temporary groups. In addition to groups on MatchUup itself, administrators can use the search capabilities of MatchUup to create groups for external use.

Create New Unique Projects

Universities and colleges by their very nature are innovative. It's faculty and staff are some of the best in their fields. MatchUup offers a projects feature that allows a faculty or staff member to create a unique project and find talent around the school to help them create something new, solve an age old problem, or be innovative. Projects allows for more cross disciplinary projects and the gathering of diverse talent to create new and exciting solutions and products.

Project can be open for the whole community to use it's collective skill sets to solve problems or be closed projects that allows the creator to hand select the people they wish to add to a project. MatchUup can serve as the first step in creating something amazing or curing something.

New Employee Connections & Mentoring

Becoming a new employee at a college can be overwhelming. Help ease that transition with MatchUup by creating a way for new employees to be able to connect with veteran employees that can help show them the ropes.

MatchUup could be configured to allow administrators to be able to create a mentoring program where the skills and job title could be used to help match a new employee with another.

In short, when you connect all the faculty and staff of a university or college, the possibilities of new professional relationships, ideas, cross training and skill building, and new innovations are endless.


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